Sam’s been working towards her goal of achieving knowledge in the Natural Healing industry. Over the years, she has acquired degrees and certifications in Naturalpathic Medicine, Iridology and Biofeedback. She is now working as an intuitive natural healer and uses the modalities of frequency, nutrition, essential oils, herbology and other natural remedies; to assist others with their quest for a healing paradigm.

Sam has set up an online Wellness Center. The website is:  light guy

You can become a member and enjoy the many articles, and guidance in creating your own home wellness center.  You can also hire Sam to be your health coach, or Biofeedback Specialist.

iridology mapYour eye’s are said to be the window to your soul. They are also a reflexology map of the degeneration the body could be experiencing. Looking at the eyes, you can see which organs are breaking down and where possible toxins are building. The lymphatic system is a tremendous helper in keeping the body free of everyday poisons. Looking at the eyes, you can see the lymphatic blockages and the general condition.  A lot of people are a lot sicker than they assume. The reason for this is, the dis-eased body moves from an alarm state (symptom generating), to an exhaustion phase. Its important to start to reverse the blockages so the body can begin to heal itself.

biofeedbackThe Biofeedback system is a set of frequencies generated to help remove blockages and reintroduce the healing sounds to reactivate the bodies ability to reduce the stress of dis-ease. This can be done long distance due to the use of the meta space. The device can locate possible body’s weaknesses, and send a specific frequency for every organ. The use of Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Plasma fields connects your body’s frequency to the SCIO biofeedback device.Quantum Entanglement

Many people have reported the tingling sensation they will experience during the time of re-training the body’s signature frequencies. You can use these frequencies for many purposes such as head aches, pain, blood weakness, cell degeneration, DNA restoration, Aura cleansing, Chakra balancing, stimulating nutritional absorption, bowl flora balancing, and reducing the body’s stress.  Acids cause stress!lymphatic system

Its important to note, the frequencies don’t heal your body. Sam does not heal your body. Your consciousness determines what you will experience in life and health. If you desire to heal, then you give your body permission to cure itself from all dis-ease. Your actions of eating a balanced diet, avoiding toxins, and alkalizing your body, will provide an environment for the body to heal itself. The Biofeedback system will help to remind the body of its healing “song”. A vibration of health, and its up to the body to re-create the healing environment for your physical vessel.

As a life coach, Dr. Sam can also assist with emotional issues that could be blocking your body for health. We carry dis-ease in our organs when we are emotionally attached to trauma, regular stress, and general unhappiness. Once the negative culprits are identified, and explored; it becomes easier for the mind to release all attachments to this deep seeded issue.

As you can see, the world of health is a lot larger than what we were originally taught. With the help of a Health Coach, you can gain the tools, wisdom and direction in become your own doctor. You will be more responsible with your choices and enjoy being empowered to heal yourself.green_phoneDr. Sam is available for consultations and psychic readings!

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Take the leap and begin your journey back to wellness. Create your own Home Wellness Center and be prepared. You can heal yourself! All you need is a flashlight and map to lead you there. Call Dr. Sam today and start your new approach to health.